How LIBTAYO works

LIBTAYO works with your immune system to help treat advanced NSCLC

Your immune system defends your body against disease.

Certain white blood cells (T cells) are an important part of your immune system. Their job is to find and fight infections and kill cancer cells. T cells have a protein on the cell surface called PD-1, or programmed death receptor-1, that is involved in normal T-cell function.

Some cancer cells are able to hide from the immune system to prevent the attack from T cells. When proteins on cancer cells bind to the PD-1 receptor on T cells, this binding makes the T cell inactive and stops it from killing the cancer cell.

LIBTAYO® (cemiplimab-rwlc) mechanism of action

LIBTAYO is a treatment that works by blocking PD-1, to inhibit binding with the cancer cell protein. The T cell then remains active, so it can attack and kill the cancer cell.

LIBTAYO can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in any area of your body and can affect the way they work. These problems can sometimes become severe or life-threatening and can lead to death. These problems may happen anytime during treatment or even after your treatment has ended.

PD-1 receptor binding to the cancer cell protein

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